Civics for Adults Community Workshops -To Enhance Civic Knowledge and Inspire Political Engagement

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May - June 2017

Citizen Advocacy 101 - Making Change Happen
Want to improve life for yourself and your neighbors or have a concern about local, state or federal laws? Learn about strategies for change, and more: Brief historical perspective; Examples of successful advocacy; Choosing your battles - What matters to you?; Who makes the rules?; Getting heard: tools for change; "Tracking" civic/political issues State legislature is in session. What is going on and how to make your mark.

Sun. June 4      1:30-3:00 Hillsboro Brookwood Public Library    2850 NE Brookwood Pkwy Hillsboro

Sat. June 17        1:00-2:30 Wilsonville Public Library 8200 SW Wilsonville Rd Wilsonville

Sun. June 18      1:00-2:30 Hillsdale Branch MCL 1525 SW Sunset Hillsdale [PDX]

Misinformation and Political Propaganda
We are overwhelmed with messages from politicians, news sources and other media. Learn to distinguish truth from fiction using critical thinking strategies. The workshop uses real world examples of political ads, news headlines, logical fallacies, graphs / charts, the effect of word choice in messaging, statistical data and other types of information in a "what do you see here? / what is missing?" type of format. The last part is about finding accurate information. The goal is to help people become their own "factchecker". .

Sun. May 21        3:00-4:30 Northwest Branch - Multnomah County Library 2300 NW Thurman PDX

Weds. May 24     6:30-8:00 Sherwood Library 22560 SW Pine St Sherwood

Fri. May 26      6:30-8:00 Estacada Public Library Estacada

Sat. June 10      12:30-2:00 Corvallis-Benton County Library 645 NW Monroe Ave Corvallis

Resources from each Workshop

Handout from OLA Conference 2017 from the workshop - Misinformation and Political Propaganda

Resources from the workshop - Misinformation and Political Propaganda

Resources from the workshop - The Constitution and the Governments we live with

Resources from the workshop - Beyond Voting: Elections and Campaign Finance

Resources from the workshop - Citizen Advocacy 101

"Levels of Government" worksheet