Civics for Adults Community Workshops -To Enhance Civic Knowledge and Inspire Political Engagement

Hi folks, clearly I am not getting around to making much of this webpage.
But, I do regularly post Civics information and links on my Civics for Adults Facebook page if you have a Facebook account: You will have to cut and paste the URL.
I do hope you'll follow the development of my effort to provide information on our civic and political life to adults, and that you enjoy the resources and find them useful.

[Flyer describing all workshops in 2016.]

Upcoming Civics for Adults Workshops - 2017!

Mon. Jan 23
New workshop - title and complete description to come Topics will include how to stay abreast of community, local and state civic/political issues and how to make your voice heard.
St Johns Library 6:15-7:45

Resources from each Workshop

Resources from the workshop - Misinformation and Political Propaganda

Resources from the workshop - The Constitution and the Governments we live with

Resources from the workshop - Beyond Voting: Elections and Campaign Finance

"Levels of Government" worksheet

Oldies, but goodies, from 2012 - before I got sidetracked with two very large civic projects which took me away from workshops:
My newsletter: Civics for Adults: Enhancing Civic Knowledge and Inspiring Political Engagement
My newsletter on Tax Policy and Tax Reform

From my Civics for Adults Workshops - Resource Lists:
Workshop 1
Workshop 2
Workshop 3
Workshop 4
Workshop 5

Donna Cohen, MEd [Master of Education], MLIS [Master of Library and Information Studies]