Civics for Adults Workshops -To Enhance Civic Knowledge and Inspire Political Engagement

Donna L. Cohen, MLIS, MEd

Hi folks,
Although most of my workshops have been presented to adults, I have also presented to high school students. Our students need this information - especially about Misinformation - as much as adults do. Feel free to contact me to discuss. I also present to private groups.

Civics information and workshop announcements are on my Civics for Adults Facebook page :

If you are not on Facebook, I regularly copy some of these posts to my Civics email list, along with announcements of upcoming workshops. Messages are sent approximately 1-2 times/month. Email me at to be added.

I hope you enjoy the resources below. and find them useful.

Flyer describing all the workshops!

Upcoming Public Civics for Adults Workshops - SPRING 2019 FLYER !

Resource Lists from each Workshop [These lists are customized to location of each workshop.]

Resources from - Misinformation and Political Propaganda

Resources from - The Influence of the Constitution on Political Conversation

Resources from - Elections and Campaign Finance: Multnomah County. Resource Lists are cutomized based on location.

Resources from - Citizen Advocacy. Resource Lists are cutomized based on location.

Legislative Bill Template to use for practicing tracking bills

Articles on Current Redistricting Supreme Court Cases